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Modern and integrated platforms

for any type of games and aggregators.

Talk to someone who understands and has been in the market for years.

Sports Betting Platform

Sports betting platform with several markets.

Gaming Platform

Platform integrated with several games and aggregators.


Sysgaming Aggregator

The SysGaming Aggregator is an intermediary B2B system, which acts as a proxy/middleware between the operator and the product. It validates and standardizes communication between the operator and the provider, facilitates the addition of new games and eliminates the need for that extra effort on the part of the operator.

Discover the power of SysGaming Aggregator - the best partner to boost your online gaming platform. With an array of incredible benefits, we are ready to help you take your betting operation to the next level.

Descubra o poder do SysGaming Aggregator - o melhor parceiro para impulsionar sua plataforma de jogos online. Com uma série de benefícios incríveis, estamos prontos para ajudá-lo a levar sua operação de apostas para o próximo nível.


We have games of different categories, whose main objective is to engage users through entertainment.

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