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Relics Hunter


The game "Relics Hunter" is a version of the popular Mines game, but instead of bombs and stars, we have scorpions and treasures.

That's exactly the game proposal, bring an alternative full of adventures for those players who rather enjoy strong emotions becoming a big treasure hunter.

A mix of emotion and danger, in a place with 25 cells hiding huge poisonous scorpions among treasures that are worth money.  

Pick the difficulty level, choose the amount, confirm your bet and start to dig. The bigger the difficulty, the bigger the ODD. Each treasure found is worth a prize. 

You can stop whenever you want and claim the stacked amount, but only those who are not afraid to dig all treasures, will take the maximum prize.

Explore, stack prizes and have fun with Relics Hunter, your brand new treasure hunting.

Game type

Quick Games


Desktop and mobile

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